Monday, July 11, 2011

eye openner...

Im sitting here with my newly fixed laptop eating a bowl of yummy watermelon and wishing the grapes in the freezer were frozen already... they arent. But as I sit here, Im feeling pretty damn good.

About my eating today - NOPE did not chose wisely today.
About my workout today - NOPE, worked night shift last night and was barely functional so no gym today.

SO why?

Because for the time in quite a while... Im hopeful!

I got back to the gym in the past week or so. Yesterday the women working out next to me was very preggo - due in 10 days and was still "doing it"... something to look forward to. I weighed myself while I was there... 182... yes yuck since last Nov I was 151. But regardless that is what it is - no ignoring it. No pretending it isnt real. Im owning up to it.

And Im making strives to make sure the rest of this pregnancy is healthier and happy. I recently - as in 5 minutes ago - joined   - per the site to maintain my current weight I need to take in 2000 calories. So I figure since Im preggo I should aim for 2200-2300 cal/day. This gives me some accountability - also lets me actually see in writing everything Im eating so I can look at the types of food time eating ect.

So I feel good.

And I find out what sex the baby is next monday hopefully!!!

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