Thursday, July 21, 2011

healthy habits = baby steps

Normally my MO is when I want to start doing something, I change EVERYTHING. I jump right in and do awesome the first few days or weeks but then when one of the things goes out the window... everything goes out the window.

SO I have decided its all about habit forming. And you know what they say - it takes 6 weeks to form a new habit. I have decided to tackle one health and one home habit at a time.

 --- No more going to bed with dirty dishes in the sink! I will enpty out and wipe down the sink before bed EVERY SINGLE night. There are only 3 of us, it cant be that difficult and I HATE the way a sink full of dirty dishes looks. It stresses me out!

  --- Packing my meals for lunch - every work day. And more importantly leaving my wallet/money ect locked away and no accessible. Including my water bottle that needs to go with me with or without me working that day. This insures that I eat healthy well balanced meals and will save me a TON of money.

So these are the two I picked for the next 6 weeks... what do you want to make into a habit?

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  1. This is a wonderful way to make long-term changes. I am adopting this method myself. One of the things that has helped me is - they have a lot of Action Plans to make lifestyle changes broken down into easy steps. Best of luck!