Sunday, July 24, 2011

new day

So after that post from last night I went on a serious cleaning binge to work off some stress... it helped a bit. Then I had a long talk with my husband who agreed that maybe I need to talk with my midwife on going back on an antidepressant (trying to wait until post baby) - not sure if thats what I will do since Im worried about side effects but I will definately talk with them.

Today I got to actual spend some time with my family and some alone time with my husband - even checked out a new restaurant that was awesome. It was a much needed day. Still stuck in the house - still 98 freaking degrees outside but a better day. I think Eric, feeling me being a bit stressed out, said I love you about 100 times today.

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  1. I just read you're last post-so sorry! If I were close I would totally spoil you. My hubby is an airline pilot and sometimes it's just an insane mess. Big Hugs your way.