Sunday, December 18, 2011

12 days post partum

I wasnt planning to come back to the whole blogging thing. It was very time consuming and was hard to keep up with. But today I noticed why I did it to begin with. I went to post something on my moms board and realized I really didnt want anyones opinion on what I had to say - I just wanted to get it out. And ding ding ding... it hit me... that was why I started blogging to begin with. A way for me to get whats in my head out. And here I am.

Its been a LONG time since I have been on here... my beautiful amazing daughter joined our family 12 days ago via scheduled c-section. She is the BEST baby ever - completely different then her big brother. And I dont know if its because she is a calmer baby, our last baby, that hubby is home with me to help or a combination but the bonding has happenned so much faster and easier. And post partum depression hasnt shown its horrible head this time around.

Now for what I wanted to get out of my head... I am a medical professional. I understand I had major surgery 12 days ago. I understand the changes that are going on in my body from a medical stand point. But my heart and body are NOT agreeing with my head. My head will win but it sucks. I feel amazing. The recovery from this csection was a piece of cake - I was up moving within a few hours, home 2 days later and getting around pretty well. Fast forward to the last few days - I have started taking very brisk 2-3 mile walks with my dog but my body is yearning for more... I want to do some weight lifting, jogging and spin... I miss it so much. I understand Im at risk to get a hernia if I do to much but it 100% feels like my body is ready for something more than walking. Its not like Im trying to push my body harder then it wants... its my body that is asking for more. Like I said my head will win - but it sucks. I think I will lengthen the brisk walking and maybe do it twice a day instead of once for alittle extra umph. My dog will be very happy... granted it is freaking freezing outside.

On another note - I went back to WW aswell... sort of. But that is a whole other story.

A few pics... HAD to share :)

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