Thursday, December 22, 2011

2012 running

**haha as I type this my 5 year old is in the bathroom singing religious xmas carols while sitting on the toilet **

My dad made me laugh last week. They are coming up from Texas in February to meet the new baby. My step mom is AMAZING and has been doing triathalons for 2-3 years now. She has wanted to run an event with me for a while. He asked if there were any half marathons I had my eye on in February when they came up - that she would run with me and my cousin (also a triathalon queen) would fly up too. UMMM NO! I havent ran in months. I wont be "cleared" to officially train until mid January. I SO will not be ready for a half just a few weeks later... expecially to run with two amazing athletes! So not happenning!

But the conversation did spur me to get moving on a plan... if you know me in real life then you know I am all about a plan. And if I have a plan I stick to it... for the most part. So I have found my big events and based on those events I will make my training plan. Im hoping to start back on the couch potatoe to 5k plan in the next two weeks... figure it will be an easier transition to my body then when I officially get cleared to train I will rank it up a bit. So the events...

May - half marathon St. Michaels, MD running festival

September - half marathon in amish country... massive hill training will be needed!

November - Philadelphia Marathon! My second marathon!

And the best thing about these events - they are all pretty close to me (within 2 hour drive) and are all good locations for some couple time. We plan to have long weekends on each of these runs and leave the kids at home :) And Im pretty sure hubby will run the half at all of the events.

Now to make a running schedule. Thinking a 12 week plan for the first half... keeping up a 5-7 mile base after that first half then a 12 week plan for the full. I will post them once I have them. Im excited!

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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. It's nice to find someone in the same boat as I am. My Dr is keeping me on Weight Watchers until my second trimester and I've been doing good keeping in my points but I've still gained a few pounds in the last 2 months. I am so glad to hear you have people to support you. My husband and friends online are my support system now, unfortunately my husband is really fit so it's hard for us to work out together. I look forward to reading more. You'll be back out there and running marathons before you know it! And congrats on baby!