Thursday, February 9, 2012


Today I turned 32. When I was 25 the thought of being in my 30s was very scary. I was not looking forward to it. As it turns out I am loving my 30s. I gave birth to the most wonderful amazing little girl in my 30s. I ran a marathon in my 30s. I started a new career in my 30s. Im loving life and the 30s will be when I hit my goal weight, run my second/third/fourth marathon, try a triathalon.

I have to be honest, normally my husband sucks at the whole birthday thing. Which really is a downer since I LOVE BIRTHDAYS... love them! I think they should be a personal holiday - a paid day off from work. Love them.  Well hubby picked up his game this year.

First my wonderful baby girl decided this week she would start sleeping through the night and has slept 8-9 hours each night for the last 3 nights! WOOHOO! She woke up at 6am. I planned to get up with her and get little man on the school bus and me to the gym but the last two days at worked wiped me out. I couldnt get moving. So he got up, turned off my alarm and let me sleep in until 10am... it was WONDERFUL!

I did briefly wake up to little man climbing into bed with birthday kisses before he went to the bus stop. First time EVER - dh took him to pick me out a bday gift. He was sooooo proud of the jewelry set he got me... and I actually like it too so I dont have to fake it :) He also drew me an awesome picture of himself and wrote on the back "in his very best handwriting" From Gavin, To mom... love you!... he is AWESOME.

Then when I trudged into the kitchen, sitting on my lap top was the new kindle fire :)

And on a super happy side note - my best friends baby girl took her first steps today :)

Later I will get a run in and do spinning tomorrow. Tonight will be some family time, going out to dinner to my favorite pizza place and curling up to watch a movie with hubby tonight.

See everyone tomorrow :)


  1. Happy Birthday, Christina :)

    You have such a beautiful family. It's heartwarming to read about it.

  2. Happy Belated :) I just found you and I am 29 - and I'm actually looking forward to my 30's! I've heard they are even better than your 20's