Friday, February 3, 2012

favorite rice dish

First had to say "yaaaa me!" One of my goals for February is to get my mile run below 11 min. Todays mile was 10:40!!!

So now for my favorite rice. This dish is 2 weight watcher points. I make it all the time and just change out the veggies for whats in the kitchen. I then seperate it into single serving dishes and then at work or for a quick dinner I throw some diced chicken on top and microwave. Very filling and flavorful!

First I get everything ready ingredient wise. Tonights was onion, mushrooms, green beans, red pepper, brussel sprouts and baby spinach.

I use the same pan for all the steps to save up on clean up. First I saute the pepper, onion and green beans until mainly tender with just a dab of pam.

I forgot to take a pic of the mushrooms in the pan.... I let them brown then add a bit of salt and cover until the right bite left in them. I keep each step in a big bowl afterwards so I can have the pan back.

I saute the diced brussel sprouts and baby spinach together last.

Then it all goes back in the pan to mix well... doesnt that look yummy! You could just have that as a zero point side!

I make brown rice per the box - I make 2 servings per the box which will make 4 of my servings. Each container gets 1/3 cup of brown rice.  Tonight I made 6 single servings.

I then put two large scoops of the veggies on the rice.

Then I can put the lid on it and stack them in the fridge. When Im needing a quick healthy dinner I then put 3 oz of precooked chicken (that is always in my fridge) and a tbsp of what ever hummus I have in the fridge and heat... SO SO SO good and very filling. And with the hummus and chicken its 6 points.

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