Tuesday, April 24, 2012

holy moly May...

First I have to say I am very tired this morning... Bre decided to wake up every hour on the hour which makes for one tired mama! The second hubby was awake I was right back in bed for another hour - what a difference that hour made!

Last night I did the family May schedule. When I do the family schedule I do my rough draft workout schedule. HOLY MOLY. It made me exhausted just writing it! I have some stellar long runs coming up - 10 miles this week, 12 miles next week then I start to taper thank god! I am continuing to incorporate some speed work (it helps... hello 29:40 PR for my last 5k!). I want to get in minimally 1 spin class a week. I love my spin classes and do not want to give them up. I have also committed to doing insanity with hubby but have decided to back off slightly and Im only doing it 4-5 times/week based on the week. Its a lot. Granted I highly enjoy my workouts but still... its a lot. I just reminded myself that its a rough draft. The only thing I HAVE to do is get my weekly long runs in - which is the hardest part. If I can do that the rest is easy :)

In May we go on our family vacation to the beach too with hubbys family. I am SOOOOOO looking forward to this! I even have a pic of the beach house as my screen saver right now to constantly remind me. In less than 4 weeks I have some down time. Yes I will still need to run that week but I will not have nearly the "to do" list I have here.

For example... todays "to do" list
1. Run 6 miles (have to do it on the damn treadmill since I couldnt get up early to do it this am outside thanks to missy not letting me sleep)
2. Put away the piles of laundry stacked up in my room
3. Clean our and G's bathrooms
4. Go buy a new pair of running shoes (tried to order online last night but there are just too many options)
5. Take G and the baby to the pool today after school
6. Complete tonights insanity workout

fun fun!

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