Tuesday, April 24, 2012

feeling pretty awesome (and productive)

I'm sitting here sweaty and yucky and smiling from ear to ear and feel AWESOME.

It still amazes me how GREAT you feel after eating well all day and getting your sweat on. Yet again and again I chose to feel bad about myself and gross in my skin by skipping my workouts and binging on what ever gross food I can put into my mouth. Why cant I remember what THIS feels like ALL of the time???

Anyways, I feel awesome. Have I said that already?

Today I...
1. Went and bought new running shoes that felt great on my run today. I usually wear Brooks but I switched over Mizuno's. Love them!
2. Got three miles in on the treadmill this morning before baby girl decided I should stop ignoring her. So after she went to bed I had to get in the additional 3 miles :) But I did it!
3. Scrubed Gavins bathroom while Bre was napping.
4. Grilled TONS of chicken for this week.
5. Spent some time being goofy with the little man.
6. Stayed within my calories and enjoyed what I ate today :)  (again friend me on myfitnesspal.com  - chrissyrn04)

We didnt go to the gym after school to swim like I wanted to - they took the dome down already! CRAZY... its still cold outside! I didnt get around to putting all my clothes away or doing my insanity video but you know what? That's ok! I was going to do the clothes when I got off of here but instead Im going to take a bath and curl up with my book. It will be added on to my to-do list for tomorrow.

Tomorrows to do -
1. Gym tomorrow evening with kids - spin class.
2. Insanity video in am
4. 5 million loads of laundry (and put those away too!)
5. Clean my bathroom
6. Pack breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks for Thursday

Good night!

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