Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sub-30 min 5k?

Tomorrow is my first race post baby... super excited! Part of me almost typed that its only a 5k... but hell a 5k has its benefits. This particular race holds a special place in my heart. The womens 5k by the bay is the first race I ever ran back in 2009. It took me alittle over 36 minutes to complete.

Im not a fast runner. Not even with a half and a full marathon under my belt. Im just not built to be fast. BUT I have been making an effort to put in some speed and tempo runs into my training. My average mile used to be 11:30 - now I feel pretty comfortable at a 10:30 for the most part. Granted my body would love to run at 11:00. At 11:00 I can fully have a conversation and feel like I could run forever.

Tomorrows 5k I want to PR. I thought about it all day today on what time I would like to do it in. I know the course pretty well - there are only 2 hills and only one of them really sucks. 34 minutes would be easy. 32 minutes would be totally doable. 30 min ... not so sure.

Then I talked with Nicole who is also running it and asked what she is hoping to run it in... sub 30. So atleast 29:59. ummm really dont know if that is realistic for me. Nicole is my long distance running partner - we ran a half and a full together but during my pregnancy she added atleast 2 more fulls (maybe 3?) and drastically picked up her pace. Her comfortable run is now at a 10:00 and to be honest... yes Im a tad bit jealous.  I told her at that pace not to expect any talking from me for the 30 minutes and boy do I love to catch up when we run.

Then I thought - maybe I havent been pushing myself enough. I can knock out a 9:30 mile but not sure if I could do that for 3 in a row. Then I thought back to something I read in "Train like a mother" (LOVE THAT BOOK!)... you set an over the moon I would LOVE that goal as your A goal and a more realistic B goal so that if A doesnt happen then you make B happen and still enjoy hitting your goal.

So here is my goals for tomorrow
Goal A : 30 minutes
Goal B : 32 minutes
and most importantly HAVE FUN!

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  1. Have a great race! My last one was my first sub 30 - I was really excited about it.

    I'm with you. 11 min pace is perfect. We could totally run together!