Sunday, April 15, 2012


I have had the BEST DAY EVER!!!!

1. I lost one pound this week - wasnt really expecting a loss because of my diet choices but regardless I lost a pound!

2. I HIT MY GOAL BABY!!!!! sub 30 5k! 29:40 to be exact but that is 4 minutes shy of my previous best time. I wasnt able to talk through the run and the last half mile or so I was sucking air but regardless I did it!!! SO SO SO excited! It felt awesome!

3. Decided to have some special time with my little man. We did lunch and then I took him ice skating for the first time. It was hilarious!

4. And the evening finished up with a date with my very handsome loving amazing husband. We went to the melting pot and it was freaking awesome. So yummy!

And because I am in such a great mood - im NOT going to think about how much I better (and thinner I thought I looked tonight).

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  1. YOU LOOK AMAZING **and** this post made me grin.