Thursday, May 10, 2012

12 freaking miles...

Yes I ran 12 miles today. 12 very long miles ... on a treadmill. I wasnt planning to do the run on a treadmill but it was super ridiculously windy today so I opted for indoors instead. I went to the gym to get the run in - I knew I would quit if I did it at home.

I ran 5 miles. Got off, stretched, had a Gu, peed. Ran 5 miles, repeat of before. I had planned to go all out the last 2 miles but they were the hardest miles ever. I ran all out 2 min then walked 30 sec and repeat until I hit the 12 mile mark.

It wasnt fun. It wasnt enjoyable. But damn it I DID IT!!!!!

And to toot my own horn - dinner ROCKED afterwards. I made chicken in the crock pot.
Chicken breast
diced onion
black beans
taco seasoning
Once I got home from running I made some brown rice. Topped it with the chicken mixture, lettuce and 100cal guacamole. It was so so so good! Granted I was starving after that run but still.

Tonights dessert - 20 sec flourless/sugarless mug choc cake with diced local strawberries. YUMMY!

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