Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Im alive - promise

Hi everyone - I am alive and kicking. Promise.

My laptop is dead so I am writing from my kindle fire which is not easy or fun.

I started off vacation with a 10k :)
And no Im not the silly one in the tu-tu... This was Kristins first race... SO SO SO proud of her!!!!
I rocked this 10k. I was hoping to finish under 65 min. Then as I was running thought I had a chance of under 60 which is AWESOME for me. I finished at 61:20. But in my head I beat the one hour mark because per my garmin the course was long 6.22miles :) I ran the entire thing and kept a pretty consistant pace.

Then it was off to pack and get to the beach. We are here now. Lots of pics to come. I ran the first morning. Im aiming to run today - although its raining and yucky but the run will still happen. I need to get moving - I have a half marathon in 9 days :)

The eating front has sucked but I havent gone overboard - just not alot of healthy eating and way too many pina colodas and sangria.

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  1. ok IM IN AWE you can even create on the fire!!
    I cant create anywhere but my old behemoth PC.