Sunday, May 27, 2012

Vacations over - back to life...

We had a FABULOUS time with my husabands family at the beach. The weather was gorgous. The house was AMAZING. And it was so good to be with family.

We lucked out and had sunny warm days every day but one. Granted vacationing with a babt isnt exactly relaxing but still - much needed time off with my family.

Its time to get back to reality though. My fingers feel like swollen sausages... the amount of sodium I took in must have been insane. I did get my runs in but eating and drinking was not on par.

Now its just time to get back with the flow - I need LOTS and LOTS of water the next few days to flush my system. I need to get back to tracking my food.

I have my first half marathon in less than a week. Im not 100% sure Im ready for it but too late now. I have some heel pain like I stepped on something I think :(

I also did a bit of thinking before we left for vaca - Im pretty much at the same weight I was at before Bre but my body is COMPLETELY different and Im two sizes bigger. My arms and shoulders are different. Everything is different. Yes I know I had a baby and they do that to you but I got to thinking that the other thing Im not doing that I was - weight training. So Im readding that to the mix this week too.

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