Sunday, June 17, 2012

challange stuff and followers...

I just realized I lost two followers this week. While the brain in me may say "well some people may just be cleaning out what they actually read or have closed their blogger account". What I actually think and say to myself goes more along the lines of - who wants to read about you telling everyone how you gained weight this week? Who wants to read that you have lost your umphh? You are boring, fat, not funny and not interesting.

Yes I say these horrible things to myself - way more than I would, and worse when I say it - I also believe myself. I would NEVER talk to someone else like I talk to myself.

I went off my antidepressant last month. Normally when I get into one of these funks I blame the meds. But I have these mini funks when Im medicated too. And I told myself 3 months of no meds and re-evaluate. Im sick of relying on meds to make me happier. Not to mention I suck at remembering to take it.

Anyways sorry about the mini self rant - I have not been doing well lately. I do not really know why. I LIKE to exercise. I LIKE to eat good healthy food. But I continously sabatage myself. Damn it I am worthy!

As for the challange this week - 6 hours of exercise. Well it didnt happen. I blame being away for the funeral until Tuesday but I could have taken my tennis shoes with me. I did NOTHING Friday or Saturday. Friday I worked 12 hours and had a bit of a head cold and yesterday I opted to massively clean and rearrange the bedrooms. So I only got in 3 hours of exercise this week.

I will have to take a look at the gym schedule and figure out what new class I would like to try. There really isnt any equipement I have not tried at the gym. There are several classes I have wanted to take though. 

This weeks workout schedule is crazy ambitious but I never do it all so if I only do half I would be happy. Plus the more I push myself the better I do. I like not leaving myself time for self doubt!
Sunday 2 mile run, full body weights and insanity. Maybe a short hike with the family
Monday early am spin class, insanity
Tues swim laps and insanity
Wed early morning spin NO insanity
Thur  early swim, insanity
Friday pump express/cxworks ****NEW ACTIVITY!!!!
Saturday 5 mile run, insanity

My goals this week...
1. JOURNAL MY FOOD... all of it, every freaking day!
2. Get the 6 hours minimum of exercise in that I didnt do in this past week
3. Try the pump/cx works class I have been DYING to try but SCARED
4. Daily remind myself that I am awesome


  1. Weight loss is a very challenging and frustrating journey. I gained a little over 20 pounds over the last couple years with more than 10 of it just being last year and losing it has been the hardest thing I've ever done. I've lost 10 and am trying so hard for that last 10 but it won't budge. So it's ok to be frustrating and complain! Lots of other folks are in the same boat and totally understand.

  2. Making peace with yourself can be difficult, but you do have to believe that you are worth it in order to find success. And you ARE worth it. Ask yourself when and where it is that you find yourself slipping the most. Is it food? I it exercise. Pinpoint that ONE thing, and try tackling just that. There will be days (and sometimes weeks) where dieting will not be fun or you will not be motivated, but then again, it's not just a "diet", is it? This is the rest of our lives.....being healthy, getting active, and eating things (at least 90% of the time) that are good for us. Just take small steps and you will get there. Be kind to yourself and your body will respond. You CAN DO THIS!

  3. Hey you're trying and that's what counts - baby steps all the way. Maybe some days/weeks won't be as great as you hoped but so long as they are a tiny bit better than they could have been then you're heading in the right direction =)

  4. I put my followers on the bottom of my page. They can come and go if they want. I know I can be boring, I know that some what all weight loss, others want crafts, others want .... well not sure and I don't fit the bill all the time. That's fine, it is what it is. So you have to do the same thing, don't worry. You are fun to read, fun to learn from and we all have ups and downs. It's life.
    You will do well this week. You have it in you to do it. So go for it and work hard.
    Take care and good luck. Blessings!!

  5. That sounds like me!! WHen I would 'lose' a follower, I would look thru my list trying like crazy to figure out who it was, or what I said, etc........ Im not sure what happened, but I dont even pay attention anymore....
    Great goals!!!
    Is the pump class a Les Mils Body Pump? It took me a long time to go into one!! BUT, now Im totally hooked!! One word of advice, go lightweight!!

  6. Don't worry about your followers, some go and other stay. I just became a new follower and I'm glad Rochelle decided to do the "linky" thing on her page. That way I can easily check in on the other challengers.
    You have some great goals for this week. Hope you are successful at them!

  7. Hi! I discovered as I'm reading Summer Sizzler blog posts, and seeing everyone's weekly goals, that I forgot to even set any goals this week. How silly of me.

    Good luck on all of your goals. I'm also a runner. Not a fast one, but I do love to jog. And I love your goal of jogging 1000 miles in 2012. I think I should add a similar goal to my life.

  8. Man... your work out list makes me feel like I need to get back on that again. 3 weeks off and it's so hard to talk myself into it again.

  9. I've lost followers, too, but I don't let it bother me anymore. I have enough to worry about - ha!

    Good luck with meeting your goals this week!!