Friday, June 15, 2012

Im here Im here Im here...

Im here  - promise! Ive been working - blah. But I have to pay the bills.

I havent been doing so great in the eating department. Every day starts off great and ends badly. I have no clue why I do this. Its 100% self sabatage. Why dont I think I deserve it - that is the question that I ask myself over and over.

This weeks goal exercise is 6 hours - with being gone until lunch on Tuesday I dont think thats going to happen either.
Tuesday ran/weights                 90/90/360
Wed  spin class                        45/135/360
Thur   Spin class                       45/180/360
Fri  speed waking with dog       60/240/360

That leaves 2 hours of working out tomorrow - not going to happen. Not 100% the workout plan yet for tomorrow but doubt it will cover 2 hours.

Im playing around with the idea of restarting insanity... we will see.

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