Tuesday, June 19, 2012

need to tackle night time eating

In the short hours between the kids going to bed and forcing myself into bed - the night time eating monster takes over. Sometimes I can consume 1000 calories in those short few hours. Im not exagerating. Its bad!

For example, yesterday I did AWESOME during the day. Followed my eating plan to the letter. Made it to the gym not once but twice (early morning spin then swam a few laps in the afternoon). Then night time rolled around. I promised myself I would be in bed by 9pm since I had the goal to get up and run before anyone woke up. Instead I grazed and ate WAY too much food and stayed up until midnight. I wasnt even hungry and I was definately tired. And now 7 hours later Im up with the baby. My fingers feel swollen. Im EXHAUSTED. I did not get my morning run or alone time in this morning. And I feel like crud.

Earlier today I was messaging with a friend who is getting married this fall. She has lost 20 lbs in the last few weeks and has the goal of another 20 before the wedding. She isnt starving herself. She is eating right. Logging her food in MFP and getting to the gym. I told her I was jealous. Her response...
"the eating was the issue for me but then I had to get a reality check that if I wanted to get this done then I was

 going to have to stay within my calories."

LIGHTBULB moment if I ever had one - hit me on the head moment. HELLO... I need a reality check. If I want to do this then I need to DO it. Not whine about it not happening. Not come up with 5 million reasons why its not working. Not blaming everything under the sun. I need to just DO it. 

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  1. I hear you... I HEAR YOU! That night time snacking is so dangerous. I feel like the last 3 nights I've just been munching (which is dissatisfying anyway) and blowing my day time weight loss efforts out of the water. PSH.