Saturday, June 2, 2012

Zooma Annapolis half marathon report...

Sorry Im the idiot that forgot my camera so you will have to wait until they put out official pics and/or I get some pics from Nicole.

Today was my first half marathon post baby. I have been shocked so far this year how well my races have gone. I PR'd in a 5k and a 10k already this year. I have a horrible memory and while I dont think my chip time for Baltimore 2010 was even remotely right - I guess per that chip I PR'd in the half marathon distance as well!!! My goal was to finish by 2:30. I made sure to stay ahead of the 2:30 pacer group just incase I needed to stop to pee or something. I finished at 2:22 :)

Had a GREAT weekend too - decided to go down the night before with my best friend Rach. We went for some super yummy Thai food and awesome drinks, walked around, got icecream and were in bed by 9 pm. hehe.

Ok my thoughts - good and bad.

The bad...
1. I HATED the ending... it was in the grass and UP hill for the finish.
2. I prefer a race that has alot of spectators, music, ect.
3. I was surprised to see quite a few young men running this race. Unless they were running in honor of their mom or something, I personally dont want to see men running an all female race.
4. I was hoping for more hoopla... funny shirts, boas, ect... it was a pretty serious race.
5. I wish so many people didnt run with ear plugs in their ears. There wasnt any chatter... thats normally my favorite thing about this distance.
6. The expo sucked - it was too far away from downtown annapolis so I couldnt walk there, it was super small and had nothing cool or new to see in the way of female running.

1. It was an extremely well put together race. The stops were were they said they would be. The people that ran it were VERY nice. Love that they had gu.
2. Annapolis is just a beautiful setting or the run.
3. The hills... yes this is going in the awesome catagory. I didnt look at the topagraphy until the day before. I was NOT prepared for hills. OMG the hills were INSANE... but it goes in the awesome catagory because I ran up every damn one of them! woohoo!!!
4. Love my little run necklace... I was expecting slightly nicer but I really like it.
5. Great shirt.
6. I got to meet the gals from "Train like a mother" - they rock!
7. Since it was an all girl run - sort of - I didnt feel guilty about leaving my kids and husband at home and heading down there the night before with a friend. Had a BLAST!
8. Running with Nicole again was awesome - knew I missed it but not sure until today HOW MUCH I missed it!
9. I ROCKED!!! I am so proud of me!

It was what I needed to help get the love of running to come back. It was asleep somewhere and didnt come back immediately post baby. Cant wait until the next one!

Updated - I lied... here are a few pics of Nicole and I before, during and after the race.

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