Saturday, June 2, 2012

What will june bring?

Yes its a two post kind of day. Please read my awesome time at Zooma Annapolis HERE

Now lets talk about June. The half marathon did exactly what I hoped it would do... it re-energized me. I now have a month until marathon training starts. The first week of July my long run will be 8 miles so I cannot slack in the running department but at the same time I want to focus on a few other things in June aswell. Here is the schedule I came up with....

When it says work that means I work - duh :) but just fyi thats from 8am until 8pm.
Weights will include a full body workout based on my biggest loser book - love that weight workout!
Spin is spin, early spin is spinning before work and showering at the gym.
The runs will just be enjoyable paced running - but I will try to do some speed drills at the end of each one.
And the newest addition - SWIM.

I have been wanting to work in swimming for FOREVER. Im not a swimmer - I need some major practice. And I feel very uncomfortable with the etiquette of lanes, timing ect. But hopefully by putting it in twice a week it will work itself out :)

I will also get my eating under control. I will focus on fresh ingredients. I will log my food. I got this!

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  1. Running is awesome, and it's great to see so much variety in your schedule. Good luck for the coming week!