Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Being sweaty is SOOOO much better than not being sweaty and regretting it!

Its 1025pm and I am just finishing up with the day. I meant to run this morning but my bed was not letting me out of it. Then I was going to run at the gym but we didnt make it there. Got home from some activities with the kids at 7pm and we took a family walk. Got the kids to bed. Worked on tagging kid stuff for the consignment sale this weekend. Then before I knew it - it was 920pm. And I hadnt worked out yet. I almost gave in and said that I would just sit back and watch tv. But no... I reminded myself. I am training for a freaking marathon! If I dont get my miles in then I will NOT be ready and am much ore likely to be even more injured. So off to the treadmill I went.

And now its done, Im happy and proud of myself. Now to sit, relax and get to bed!


  1. and Im getting up and getting my sweaty on.
    when does this end? :)

  2. It feels so good when you push past certain expectations you set for yourself. You thought about not working out - gave it some serious consideration and then said "NO!" Good for you for saying no to the devil on your shoulder that wanted to be a couch potato last night! You are stronger than him! Keep going!!