Wednesday, July 11, 2012

a few more NSV!

Sometimes you are in the zone and sometimes you are not... right now Im in the zone and it feels AWESOME! For once the scale is starting to move again but Im even happier about the NSV's I am wracking up.

I have stepped so far out of my comfort zone. In the last three weeks I have tried 3 different new classes at the gym and LOVED them to the point where Im rearranging my entire schedule to get them in more regularly.

And I have decided to take another step in my running - I inquired about a running coach. They are NOT just for major athletes. I want to complete this training with less injuries, stronger and happier. We will see if something comes of it and I will keep you posted!

And today my scale battery died.... did I rush out to get a new one? NOPE - Im thinking Sat after work I will pick one up :) Weigh in is Sunday.

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