Sunday, July 1, 2012

Longest post EVER....

Today was day one of no wheat... a lot easier than I thought it would be. Granted of course I miss the scones at Panera and what not but my body wont miss the 500 calories that comes with it!

Here has been my meals for today
8am - 1 egg, 2 egg whites, 1/2 oz goat cheese, sauted red onion and mushrooms and a grapefruit.
That wonderful color is from 1 yolk... amazing how much better local farm eggs are!

1230pm - cottage cheese doubler, cheese stick, 1/2 cup strawberries

230pm -  1/2 serving turkey pepperoni dipped in spicey mustard

3pm - protein shake with powdered pb, banana and spinach

6pm - tilapia,roasted red potatoes, mixed roasted veggies
Easiest way to make food for one! Take a piece of fish (this is Tilapia), put whatever you want on it - I put  basil, red pepper, fresh garlic and onion flakes.

Wrap it in foil, leaving room on the top for steam. Place it in a pan of boiling water for 12 minutes. Regardless of the fish, it appears to be perfect EVERY single time. I have done this with Tilapia and Salmon.

Finished product. Tonights dinner - the fish straight from the foil, a few roasted potatoes and some roasted veggies with goat cheese. Very yummy!

Dessert is about to be made... 20 sec sugar free chocolate "cake" - this is also wheat free :)
I will post this recipe later promise! Plan to top it with a sprinkle of powdered peanut butter and half a banana!

The beginning of marathon training has rocked to!
30 min CX works core class
3 mile run
4 thirty second sprints at a 6:30 min/mile and 7 min/miles.

And very quickly... my summer challange. I have kind of sucked at it. The beginning of the week I was getting my water intake ATLEAST into the 90s. The last few days I have had more diet pepsi than water. I will continue to work on this. And I only lost 0.5 lb. Again - work in progress.

As for this coming weeks goals....
1. Lose 2 lbs.
2. Do every workout that is planned.
3. Drink minimally 64 oz water/day
4. No wheat.


  1. That fish looks terrific! I will try it. Have a great week!

  2. Love that fish recipe. Will be trying this for sure. Thanks!

  3. I love steamed fish - and goat cheese! Nice food pics!
    Great workouts for the week, too.
    I know the water thing is hard - I didn't do that great this week on it - but hopefully this week will be better. Good luck meeting your goals for the upcoming week!

  4. Your recipe looks delicious thank you for sharing!!

  5. All your food looks amazing! I am going wheat free because of an intolerance. Thanks for the foodie inspiration :)

  6. I need to eat more fish! This recipe looks tasty! Have a great week!