Saturday, July 14, 2012

Next week**updated for weigh in

Tomorrow I will post my weigh in update and challange stuff.

Tonight I want to focus on goals for the coming week -

Workout goals:

  • Sunday - Run 2 mile warm up, 2 miles at race pace, 2 miles cool down
  • Monday - spin class and cx works
  • Tuesday - early pump class
  • Wednesday - early 4 mile run
  • Thursday - early spin
  • Friday - 11 mile run/upper body weights
  • Saturday -rest
Personal goal:
  • I am so sick of having my alarm clock dictate my morning. I hit snooze A LOT... A-L-O-T! So I am making a new goal for this week. I will not hit snooze this week... not one single time. When my alarm goes off ... crazy idea... lets actually WAKE UP! To assist with this I will not be setting my alarm for a ridiculously early unrealistic time. I will not stay up super late. I will preset my coffee maker so coffee will be waiting for me. 
Home goal:
  • I am so so so so so sick of clutter. Tomorrow (Sunday) I am going to clear out my bedroom and get all of the clothes put away and do a deep clean of the kitchen sink. Before bed every night my clothes will be put away and no dishes in the sink.
As for the summer sizzle slim down challange - this weeks goal is to sign up for a 5k. Consider that done over and over - every run this week and every week for the next 12 weeks will be longer than a 5k. I have a half marathon planned for September and a full marathon planned for November. I am in full training mode.


*** Updated for Sunday 7/15 mornings weigh in***   Todays weigh in 165... down 2 lbs this week! I really was starting to think that this week would stay at 167 so I was super happy this morning! 


  1. Yey - 2 lbs is great! Good start and motivation for the week ahead! Love your goals for the week too - when you are done de-cluttering your house, do you want to come and do mine? LOL

  2. Awesome Christina, that's awesome. And yes clutter makes it hard to really do anything. Good luck this week and good luck on your training. Blessings!

  3. All your goals look terrific! I feel like I'm in a constant state of de-cluttering, but not matter how often I do it, it always feels good!! Good luck meeting all your goals & awesome work dropping 2 lbs!! :)

  4. Excellent goals keep it up! Your mindset and determination are great