Friday, July 6, 2012


Tabata is no joke... omg!

What is Tabata? In a nut shell, Tabata is high intensity cardiac interval training. More specifically its a 4 min circuit with 20 sec on, 10 sec off.

I was meant to take the class today. Just yesterday I was curious about Tabata and tried to find some videos to try online and asked about it on some of the fitness sites I frequent. Then today at the gym I was all set for spin class. First I was going to do some weights though. The two chicks next to me were talking about the Tabata class that is at the same time as my spin class. Then I went down stairs to get ready for spin and ran into my favorite instructor Kim... who just happenned to be on her way to teach Tabata. So of course I had to change course and go there instead.

Have to say - I was NERVOUS. At a size 10 I was easily the biggest girl in the class out of probually 40 women. All of those super fit women I see in the gym busting ass were in this class.... I hid in the back.

OMG ... SOOOOOOOO hard! But in such a good way. I think my work with Insanity prepped me a bit. I was dripping sweat. It was awesome. Now Im home. Just had my protein green shake that rocked and Im waiting for baby girl to get tired so I can shower and lay down... Im done!

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