Thursday, July 5, 2012

a tad bit injured

OMG IM GOING TO SCREAM!!!! AHHHHH! I have been trying to upload pics to this for an hour and NOTHING... soooooo freaking annoying.... now back to my post.

I am sad to say that one week into marathon training and I have my first "injury" - I was hoping it would be gone by now but this posterior shin splint is being a giant pain in my ass leg.

The pain started after being adjusted by a chiro that is not my normal chiro this past Monday. Within 2 hours of the adjustment my right butt hurt and then in the morning the shin splint started so I don't think its really a training injury but its preventing me from training as planned right now. I went back to the my regular chiro today... it must have been a mess because she had to do a ton and didnt charge me and apologized about 4 times. Hopefully I will feel better soon.

Anyways -
Started the morning on the scale - as usual. I am so happy to keep seeing the 160s ... cant wait until the 150s!
(A picture was supposed to be here)

After leaving the chiro, I treated myself to new running shoes... love new shoes!
(insert pic here...oh yea blogger wont let me!)

I tried to still get my 8 miler in today... not happenning. Stopped after 3 miles. Then stretched and iced.

And ended the day with my favorite sugarless, flourless, 20 second chocolate "cake" with berries and whip cream (dont you wish you could see the pic I took???)

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