Sunday, July 22, 2012

weight gain and a double digit run

During the day I have all these grand ideas for things to post. I take cute pictures and plan to share the training info from my Garmin. BUT then at the end of the day Im just exhausted. The thought of uploading pics or copying then sharing my Garmin info is just too much.

 So instead you get the same boring post as ever. This is what I did today, this is what the week ahead looks like. Todays weigh in - 166.8 (up 1.8lbs). The last 4-5 days I threw the no wheat thing out the window and within 24 hours the binging tendency came back full force. Yes you could say it was because I denied myself certain things and then I binged on them but before denying myself them I was still binging on them. I cannot have certain things - period. Why do I need to let a week of eating crap to remind myself of that??? 

Yesterday was supposed to be my long run - 11 miles, but I only got in 6. So today I forced myself to get up at 445 in the morning and was out the door by 5am. I was very proud of myself for that! Got in 11 miles. It wasnt pretty. I did not enjoy myself after mile 8. But I did it. And I finished the run with my first ever ice bath... freaky that it was freezing but felt great all at the same time. Regardless my legs feel pretty good right now. I was going to go to cx works class this morning but a nap won and boy did I sleep hard!

 I have been right on with my food today. I work the next three days and havent really prepped much for those three days so I am going to need to get busy on that.

 What does the rest of the week look like?
 Monday - rest day :) woohoo, shame I have to work 12 hours
Tuesday - 30 min run on treadmill then body pump class before work
 Wednesday - early spin class before work
 Thur - tempo 6 mile run
Fri - body pump
 Sat - long run before taking the kids to Jersey for the weekend (yes I will be TIRED)


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