Friday, August 24, 2012

bullet points and a crap load of pics :)

I would say sorry again for the time between post but to be honest Im not really sorry. I have been busy and my attention has been elsewhere. It is what it is. I have tons to say so we are going to get to the bullet point

  • My 5k virgin group is going STRONG. We are up at 20 gals! I am so so so proud of them. I have a few in week 7, but the majority in week 3. They inspired me to start another group on facebook - a weight loss support group of people I know. That is up to 20 people too but not the same 20. My dad and step mom are even in that group! This past wednesday was our first weigh in. I weighed in at 166.2. I was pretty happy about that seeing as I have been off track lately. I also took new pics. YUCK. Granted I hadnt showered and am CRANKY (get to that in a minute) so these are not even remotely flattering.

  • Marathon training is NOT going well. This week is a 14 miler week. Its not that the long runs are too hard. I rocked 13 miles last week. Instead, I have lost my mojo. I have NO desire to get out for those longer runs. I dread it all week. I love running still - anything 90 min and below. Love speed work. Love hill work. Love meeting with my 5k group and helping them. But these longer marathon training run days I am NOT digging. I am seriously considering canceling doing the Phili marathon and stick to just a few halfs this fall. I am torn though. I KNOW thats what I WANT to do, but I am worried that I will be mad at myself and feel like a quitter. Im not a quitter. I need a crystal ball. I would just cut back to the half in Phili but I know being there I will wish I did the full and be mad, plus this is an expensive traveling race for me and just dont think its worth the $500 for just the hotel if Im only doing the half. For now I have decided to take a week off of training and run for enjoyment. Next week I will rethink about it. I have another half coming up Sept 8th.
  • Im super excited about the half coming up. Im running the bird in hand half marathon in amish country. Amish kids giving water out at the tables, huge family bon fire the night before, hot air balloons, Gavins first kid run. Im super excited!
  • Today is my little mans 6th birthday. It feels like JUST yesterday he looked like I dont have a baby baby pic of him saved on my computer. Oh yea this computer is from when he was 2. Well these are a few of my favorite pics over the years...not in order it appears... sorry I suck :)

  • preschool graduation

    4 year old birthday trip to Dutch Wonderland

    3 years old

    3 years old

    8 months old

    This summer

    2 years old - christmas

    Man oh man I cant believe its been 6 years already. It feels like he was JUST a baby. Im waiting patiently for him to wake up. I surprised him by placing balloons on his door to fall into his room once he opens it.
    It will be a busy fun few days - spending the day with him today and getting ready for his party tomorrow. Pool party with giant inflatable water slide tomorrow. And he starts first grade on Monday.

    Oh and since Im in a picture mood - cant for get the newest bean in the family... she is a crawling fool! I am one lucky momma!

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