Wednesday, August 15, 2012

MIA yes but no

I know Im not posting nearly as much as I usually do but that doesnt mean that Im not still trucking along. My schedule is PACKED to the MAX and something has to let up and unfortinatly more often than not its this blog. Between working full time, training for a marathon, cross training like a crazy person (I love too many things to pick just 1 or 2) and now training my group of 5k virgins... not to mention trying to be present and active in my childrens life, keep up with the current book club book and what not... I am one BUSY momma!

For example - today is an off work day. I got up at 530 am and got in my 13 mile long run of the week. Came home and made breakfast and took the kids outside to play. Laundry and cleaning up the house a bit. Plan to nap when the baby does today. Need to run some household errands, visit with my best friend from high school that is in town, do some reading and writing work with little man, track training session this evening and Gavin is having a sleep over.

Not to make excuses but Im busy :)

Today run felt great - I listened to some podcast from Another Mother Runner... awesome!  Im excited about tonights track meet up. Curious how it will go with 3 different levels of runners in various training weeks but we will make due. So excited for them all to meet each other!

And I am already looking at spring races :) Thinking about heading to Texas in April to do a half and have an excuse to visit my dad with the kids :)

Until next time....

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