Friday, September 7, 2012


I havent done a lot of talking about it  - but I have jumped on the paleo bandwagon. Im day 5. AND I FEEL AWESOME!!!

I was NOT saying that 2 days ago... day three was ROUGH. I had the worst headache EVER and had NO energy. Felt like I was underwater. It was not fun. Seeing that I have a half marathon tomorrow, I almost threw up my hands and said "screw it" until after the race. Im so glad I didnt. Yesterday I didnt have a headache at all and today I woke up with new found energy.

Im a bit worried about going away this weekend - eating out and running a long race to where Im starving - its intimidating. But I have decided to give myself some leverage. I can add a bit of dairy or what not as long as most of my intake is more paleo. I will not give in to wheat though. I have no desire to feel the wheat withdrawl again.

Initially I wanted to do it for easy weight loss and I didnt understand WHY we were eating what we were eating or WHY we werent eating certain things. I talked with a friend and she suggested the book

What an amazing book - it is eye opening to me to really see what certain foods do to your body and why you feel the way you do. There is a specific chapter where they are talking about a normal persons "heathy eating" ... you know whole grains, low fat, yogurt ect. They take you through hour by hour and why you feel certain crashes ect. It felt like they were talking about me - eye opening. really. 

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