Sunday, September 2, 2012

a break from daily weighting?

I am a daily weigher - more specifically first thing in the morning, after I have peed and naked :)

Most of the time this serves a great purpose. If I did awesome the day before I will be rewarded with even a 0.2 loss. If I didnt then I will see the water weight the next morning from eating out or what not.

Well yesterday I thought I did pretty awesome. I was within my calories and while I didnt do cardio, I did weights. Got on the scale and while Im still less than my official weigt from last wed, I was up almost a pound from yesterday. I feel stiff and my fingers feel swollen.

I relooked at my food journal from yesterday. Yes I had 2 little boxes of nerds that I didnt put on there :( and I had way more carbs than I normally do with having an english muffin for breakfast and dinner and a special  k crisp thing. Oh and I only drank 2 cups of water - the rest was coffee or a diet coke.

Ive decided not to reweigh until the official weigh in this coming wed, try to clean up my diet with the processed stuff, more water (I say that a lot, why is it so freaking hard?), and keep up with the exercise.

Ive done a lot of "good" things this week - all in all Im happy with how I am doing.

My good things
1. I have worked out every day but friday when I worked. Including todays workout Im already at 3.5 hours.
2. Last night I was starving and instead of giving in to cereal or whatever else I wanted to shove in my piehole -I roasted some veggies instead
3. I have realized after eating something sweet, I have to get that sweet taste out of my mouth or I cant stop eating more and more.
4. I didnt go out to eat last night even when E offered. I was in a funk and it would have been bad bad bad.

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