Thursday, October 4, 2012

Toronto part 1

We made it into Toronto in record time - had a great drive with great company, sang Glee music the entire time and chatted it up.

Checked in to the hotel, checked into the conference and then we were free for the night. Walked around a bit, checked out the subways system then headed to china town and saw some odd art on the way.

We decided to eat at a Vietamese restaurant - it was so yummy and so out of our comfort zone - love it! On the way out we realized that Ceasar the dog whisperer was eating at a table by himself :) Very cool.

We were exhausted from the drive and walking so made it an early night. I video skyped with my family back home and curled into bed with a book at 930pm. At 130 am I finished the book - uhhh.

So 715 am came very early this morning. I promised myself I was going to run so I got up, got dressed and out the door. I forgot my ipod in the car and accidentally left my garmin in the room so I just took off. It was an awesome - 4ish mile - run. I was so deep into people watching that I completely missed my plan turn and ran farther than planned :)

Here I am back in the room after my run

I made quite a few observations about running in Toronto
1. This is a young business city - I saw only a handful of people over the age of 50.
2. This is NOT a kid friendly city. I saw not one single baby, kid, child, or teenager. Not one single school or school bus. It was odd.
3. This is a fit city. I saw thousands of people walking to work. Thousands... it felt a bit like NYC... of those thousands I counted 8 (yes I counted) overweight people. They were all women and over half were older. This is a young fit healthy city.
4. The clothes - omg the clothes. It felt like everyone was on a runway. The style here is amazing and I was very jealous since I have no style.

Ok off to shower and get busy on my day - our first lecture this morning was canceled so we have a bit before the conference starts. Shopping anyone?

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