Tuesday, November 20, 2012

modge podge

I have so many little thoughts in my head - and I am seriously lacking sleep. That is not a good combination. The result is a post that doesnt quite come together - a mixture of "stuff". So here goes...

1. I am EXHAUSTED! Baby girl is sick and not sleeping which means Im not sleeping. She had a runny nose for a few days and we assumed she was teething then yesterday morning woke up with a head to toe rash. Took her to our idiot of a new doctor - not impressed, seriously miss our doctor that moved west. Its probually viral - it keeps moving. This morning its on her ears, scalp and back. That combined with the fact she is stuffy and cant breathe = not a happy baby which of course = a very tired mommy!

2. Im trying really hard not to give in to the blahs with food and no exercising ... I printed out the whole30 emails and Im making a binder of health. Good ideas for exercise, food ect. A schedule for my work outs ect.

3. We are going into the overwelming season. Too many things to do and definately not enough time to do them. I am a list person and I get so overwelmed with the tons of things on my list. It feels like as soon as I check one thing off then Im adding 3 more. It makes me anxious and completely stressed out. I cam acrossed this post on Run to the Finish. Its about goal setting which Im great at setting the goals but not so great at doing the work to complete them. I start off really really good... and then boom life happens. I was intrigued by her Sacred Six Technique that she posted about and thought that was right up my alley as a stressed out list maker!

Here is my todays Sacred Six

  1. Eat clean and on point today
  2. make Gs bathroom useable
  3. paint the trim for the bathroom
  4. go to Rach to feed her fish :)
  5. prep food for 3 days of working
  6. do WOD and burpees
So what did I want to put on the list but had to stop after 6? I would love to clean my bedroom, scrub Gavins tub, do some shopping, put up outside xmas lights. My list normally would be ALOT longer. These are the 6 that I HAVE to do today. Anything else is just bonus :)

4. And lastly - please welcome Laura back to the world of blogging. Her blog  GO ME 2012. She is my partner in weightloss and we are doing the tough mudder together. She is also super funny and a great writer. Please check her out. 


  1. IM a list maker too!! It has saved me many many times!!!

  2. Im a list'er as well and HOPE baby girl is better today.