Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thank god for weight loss buddies.

Thank god for weight loss buddies.

I have a friend that I am doing tough mudder with. Friend is a weird word since I dont think I have actually ever met her - but yes I consider her a friend. We belonged to the same online local moms group. We have similar goals in life regarding health, weightloss and fitness and we have bonded.

We decided to push each other to our goals.

A few minutes ago I was having a "poor me" moment. I was reading things about Christmas cookies and realized with going wheat free and really trying to hit my goals that Christmas cookies are not in my future. Then I thought of all of the wonderful things I baked last fall when I was preggo.  I told her it made me sad. Her response?
"Yea, you had fun baking but you still have some of that experience with you. Look down. Like what you see? Are the cookies worth it"

Yes I looked down. What did I see. Rolls. A roll bigger than my chest. I tried to take a pic but it didnt do the roll justice. It was exactly what I needed to hear.

But want to see something I really really didnt want to show... its disturbing...

MY RACE PHOTO... uhhhh! My fastest time ever! My first time placing - and hell yea came in first in my age group! Yet the thing I focus on is how huge I look in the damn picture!

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