Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I have some new races in the works and feel like having something to work towards and a training plan - I feel embowered and in control again. Its a great feeling!

My next half marathon will be at the end of April. I want to break 2:15. So I have some training to do :) My official training will start the second week of January. Until then I have mapped out my December workout regimen. I will be a mix of running 3-4 miles, speed work, insanity videos, yoga and rest.

My pal Laura has challenged me to a December reward challange. 6 lbs from TODAY to be off my body by  Dec 31st and 14 miles ran. Im up to 5 miles for the month. My reward will be a pretty girlie delicate looking bangle type watch. They make my wrist feel small :)

What isnt feeling small right now is me... I ran outside tonight. Its dark obviously so I wanted to wear something bright and my shirt from the Shamrock marathon is hot pink. Ummmmm doesnt fit. Not even a little bit. It was skin freaking tight. Yuck. I wanted to throw it away in disgust but I think instead once I log off of here - I am going to go put it back on and take a picture and put it on my mirror... talk about inspiration.

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  1. You go, Christina! I'm with you on this! My goal is 15lbs in the next 12 weeks and I'm also training for a 1/2 marathon at end of April. Thanks for the post!