Sunday, December 2, 2012

random and running

I hate that I wait until the end of the day to post... now Im tired and all of the words in my head are telling me to keep it short instead and go to bed! So we will keep this semi -short...

  • Not so great on the weight loss this week, not surprised though. If you dont put in the work, you wont get the rewards...
  • Started this morning off by meeting someone that has become a friend without me even meeting her... and after meeting her I still like her... hehehe :)
  • Ran a local 5k this morning with above mentioned new friend. The race itself I was NOT a fan of. It was a route I knew well... thank goodness because it was poorly marked, saw one volunteer on the entire route, no water stop (for those that may have needed it),  we were on the end part of the race and the police had left and no one was man-ing the main intersections. And the worst part - when I expressed my concern via email afterwards... the race director went on the defensive and said pretty much they couldnt control the police. Yes, but the runners safety is you #1 job as a race director. 
  • Went to see Breaking Dawn 2 tonight - loved it!
  • Tomorrow Im making my spring running training plan. 
  • Getting up in am for yoga... need to go to bed.
Sorry this isnt the post that I wanted or saw in my head. And yes I have pics but Im too tired to load them. 

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  1. ahhhh
    that first bullet point here too.
    in a few realms.