Sunday, December 16, 2012

morning person

One day I will be a morning person - I hope. Its not today though :) Unfortinately for me, my children are both early happy risers. So at 530 am I was barely awake as my 1 year old is happy and singing to me. Coffee is my friend.

Bre is sooooo close to taking her first steps. She will shuffle a few inches forward then throw herself face first towards where she is going. SO so so close. I hope she doesnt do it tomorrow while Im at work. Today or Tuesday would be awesome please. I missed G's first steps.

We have another hectic busy day today - my niece has her third birthday today and lots to do around the house. Im aiming for yoga this morning too although I really have no desire to go. And my gym is redoing the floors in the main room so there is a temporary schedule out that I forgot to pick up so I dont even know if they have yoga at the regular time.

As for weigh ins... 172.8. Down 1.2. I will take it.

Tonight I will be posting new pics and measurements. Cover your eyes.

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