Monday, December 31, 2012

One of THOSE January post...

I figured I would jump on the bandwagon of THOSE kind of post... beginning of a new year, new goals, new successes ect ect ect.

First I have to say I was a little bummed out - I went back and read post from last January. I was pretty much EXACTLY where I am now except immediately post baby and about 20 lbs heavier. I had all these hopes and expectations for 2012 and a lot of them didnt happen. But to be honest I didnt really try that hard. I kept thinking I had more time. Time goes by WAY too fast!

I want to do better in 2013. I want to be a better me. I want to be proud of who I am and my accomplishments. I want to try new things and have new experiences and I want to enjoy the year instead of watching it rush by.

Im not making new years resolutions - they never last. But I do have quite a few goals for 2013

Running Goals
1. First warrior dash in May
2. Spring Half marathon
3. Fall Half marathon
4. Sub 2:10 half marathon - new PR
5. Sub 27:30 5k - new PR
6. Tough mudder in June
7. Start trail running

Health Goals
1. Learn to love my body as is
2. Get into my prebaby clothes damn it!
3. Be able to do a pull-up unassisted

Family Goals
1. Work on having more alone time with hubby
2. start doing some volunteering as a family

Now this is where I am stuck - I want to step out of my box... what can I do for a new experience?


  1. Good luck working towards your goals! I'm aiming for an unassisted pull-up this year too :)

    I see you have a lot of running scheduled; have you thought about maybe trying an exercise class? Perhaps in an exercise you haven't tried before? That might be a new experience :)

  2. Hi Christina... I came across your blog from Carly at Chubby Chicks Run Too! I'm also a 32 year old wife and mommy who is married to a police officer!

    I like your goal for doing an unassisted pull-up, that happens to be one of mine for the year as well! I also would suggest a spinning class. If you've never tried one before they're killer! Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us!