Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Today was a great day!

Its amazing how much better my day is when I get my workout in! Todays workout was a 3 mile run and a chalean video. The run was fun - 2 miles fast and on my own, last mile with G on his scooter and the dog and then 4 thirty second sprints. Felt great. I will feel the chalean video tomorrow - omg my legs were jelly! And tricept pushups suck. Just saying.

I joined Ronis challenge on dietbet.com

I stayed under my 1500 calorie goal today.

And at my moms for my step dads bday - I ate NADA... not one single bite! I had a protein shake before I went. Came home and did my video then made a healthy filling dinner with a spare for lunch tomorrow.

Going to pack tomorrows food - already logged it into myfitnesspal.com . I work the next three days so 1400 calories and a video each day. I have a hard time not munching at work when Im stressed, busy or bored which somehow links to each day.

I need to get through this week and it will get easier.

30 days of chalean will be a huge accomplishment and I think when I get there I will be celebrating with a massage!!!!


  1. Great job!!!! Good luck with ROnis challenge. I almost signed up for it!! I just couldnt click that submit button!!

  2. Great job. Good luck in your challenge.

  3. I'm signed up for Roni's Diet bet too--Good luck to you too :)