Saturday, December 8, 2012

tomorows weigh in...

Tomorrows weigh in is going to SUCK. Nothing to it... 100%  suck.

If I would have been on point for the last 3 weeks I could be 6-10 lbs lighter. Instead Im 3-5 lbs heavier than when I started. So frustrated with myself! But regardless this is where I am and got to keep moving forward right?

This week sucked for both me and my partner in health Laura - sorry to call you out girlie but we sucked this week!

We have pledged to each other that tomorrow is a new day and we are going to rock this next week. Even promised each other tomorrow that we will be updating each other on every thing we eat... no fibbing, no cheating!

I have also pledged - to all of you ...
WAY more water... minimally 2 of my big bottles/day
NO snooze... not 6 times, not once... NO SNOOZE.
Logging logging and logging my food. Every B L T!

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