Sunday, December 23, 2012

why you shouldnt peak...

Todays weigh in ... 171.4. Down 1.4 lbs. I should be happy. A loss is a loss right? So why am I so bummed?

Because yesterday morning I peeked to see what the scale was saying and it said 170.0. I was hoping will all my hope to see 169.8 this morning! I want back out of the 170s!

And Im bummed because I did "everything" right yesterday that if 170.0 the day before was real that I could have easily seen 168.8. I stayed within the 1400 calorie goal and even though I was tired when I got home - I still got my workout in.

So did I do "everything" right? Nope. Looking back I did not. Other things are important too... like sleep. Last night I barely got 4 hours of sleep - I stayed up WAY too late reading a book and then baby girl woke up 4 hours later. uhhhh. I also had some salty food right before I went to bed and barely drank any water yeterday. So no I didnt do everything I could have.

I cant believe its the 23rd of December! Im off now until the 27th and plan to have a great time with my family. Today we have last minute things to do around the house and a playdate with Gavins best friend. Tomorrow we need to make cookies for santa and have a annual dinner with friends. And then my favorite day of all - Christmas!

If Im not back before then - I hope everyone has a great Christmas and hold those that you love close this year.


  1. I know what you mean, been there done(suffered that)

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family to Christina!