Saturday, January 19, 2013


BLAH - that has been the theme of the week. I worked 38 hours in 3 days. Tuesday and Wed I got up at 5am to workout before my 12-14 hour shift depending on the day. Thursday I just didnt have it in me and skipped my workout. Friday I was DONE. I was so exhausted that I thought I was getting sick. I had to take not one but two naps. Then I felt like me again and pushed through and got my planned workout in. No swim time though - it didnt work out. I will fit it in though - it is my promise to myself.

Mid week my diet sucked too - for no reason. I blamed exhaustion, stress, being busy... but they were all excuses for me to eat junk. And I felt pretty crappy too because of it. The last two days have been clean and I hope to feel more awesome as the days go on.

Today I was in super mom mode - we made a paper mache volcano, used our magic kit and built a catapult. Busy busy. Everything kept pushing my run further and further away. At 4pm I finally headed down to the treadmill hoping to get 6 miles in. HAHAHA. First at 2pm I was hungry so I took my protein shake. And then from 3-330 I had HORRIBLE stomach cramps and felt blah. And I went to run anyways. Got three miles in and the pains in my side just werent allowing it to happen so I quit. That is the problem with treadmill runs - way too easy to quit. I normally plan my outside routes to be a big circle so I have to finish to get home! Its a mind thing.  Anyways I stopped and I have told myself I have to run tomorrow now too which I wasnt planning to do. I was going to do another 3 miles tonight but it just isnt going to happen.

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