Monday, January 14, 2013

going to be a little quiet...

I work 36 hours in the next three days. Adding to the 12 hour days I have to get my work out in, get the kids up and ready for daycare and attempt to get to bed at a decent time for my beauty sleep :) So that means something has to give for the next few days... so I probually won't be around.

Just so you know what I will be doing - workout for the next 2 weeks is planned

Today - 2 mile run, 5 hill repeats. Pushups.
Tuesday - chalean extreme video, pushups
Wednesday - chalean extreme video, pushups
Thursday - chalean extreme video, pushups
Friday - BUSY day ... chalean video, pushups, 2 mile run with 5 speed repeats, swim meetup **
Saturday - pushups, 6 mile run
Sunday - chalean video, swim
Monday - Tough Mudder workout ***, pushups
Tuesday - chalean video, 3 mile run with 3 hill repeats, pushups
Wednesday - video, pushups
Thursday - video, pushups, 6 mile run
Friday - video, pushups
Saturday - REST or swim

** swim meetup... yes I FINALLY am getting over my fear of the pool. No Im not scared of the pool. Yes I can swim. BUT I can NOT swim and breath... which means I cant swim for cross training. And what is hard for me scares me. So I have asked my husbands cousin to help me. Fingers crossed.

*** havent planned the Tough Mudder workout yet but it will be different every week :) Im watching the biggest loser right now with Bob and the cards trick... my mind is spinning with ideas :)

I have prepped food for the next few days. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is packed for tomorrow. Lots of water. NO late eating. Get your sleep!

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