Thursday, January 10, 2013

having a great day - and some weekly goals :)

First I am having a great day!

Started the morning off with cleaning my living room, dining room and kitchen. When my house is clean it makes me feel so much more at ease! Picked out whats for dinner - grilling a rubbed pork tenderloin with an apricot glaze yummo! Ran errands. Played and was silly with the 1 year old - love hearing her giggle! And then she went down for a nap and my butt hit the treadmill listening to Jillian Michaels podcast (still listening to her as I write this).  And since I waited to have lunch after working out - its so much easier to make smarter choices. Im sitting being lazy for a minute then Im going to prep my cauliflower "rice" for dinner tonight so I only have to warm it up and can actually spend time with the family instead of in the kitchen.

Ok some goals. If you read my blog - then you know that I am doing a beach body 90 day challenge. That challenges weeks go from wed to wed. So while I am weighing in on sundays still - in my head new goals start wed to wed. Last week I successfully dropped soda. I havent had a diet soda in a week!!!!! It was so freaking hard! And I still miss it terribly but it feels better not craving it every 10 minutes!

So this weeks goal initially was to drop wheat for the week. While I LOVE LOVE LOVE all things wheat... I feel SOOOO much better when I dont eat it. So this week is wheat free.

But I decided last night as I was scouring the kitchen at 930pm... I should NOT be eating that late. Im not REALLY hungry. It is a bad bad bad habit. So this week starting TODAY.... im also not eating late. Late to me means on off work days 8pm and on work days 9pm (I dont get off until 8pm). I have awesome teas waiting for me if I need something...

Here goes another week :)
Ok off to roast some veggies for my "rice".

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