Wednesday, January 9, 2013

trail running... love it or hate it???

So I went on my first trail run a few days ago - I meant to post about it but time has just been flying by way way way too fast.

It was 8am. Gavin was on the bus. Bre was about to go down for an early morning nap. Hubby was home. So the dog and I headed out to a local trail. It was 25 degrees outside. COLD! We were the only ones there so Gracie, the lab, was allowed off leash. I went to set my Garmin because I had NO clue how far I was running and I only had an hour to run since Eric had court. Well my stupid Garmin wouldnt work. And of course my idiot self didnt bring my cell phone or a watch so I had to just wing it.

The first 10-20 minutes SUCKED. It was ALL up hill. The air felt like ice coming into my lungs. It hurt. Badly. I wanted to quit and just walk the rest of the route.


I walked when I needed to walk - especially up the hills. But I ran more than I walked. I was warm pretty quick into the run. The view was gorgeous. And I finished right under the one hour mark. On the way home I had a huge smile on my face and I cant wait to do it again!

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