Sunday, January 20, 2013


Sundays weigh in - 172.2. Up one pound. Am I surprised? NOPE. Here is the good and bad of the last week...


  • Rocked my first tough mudder workout
  • woke up at 5am 2 of my 3 work days and got my workout done
  • drank enough water on most days
  • Despite starting the week off with BAD eating - pulled myself back together for Fri/Sat
  • Stress/busy ate at work all three of those days :( including a LOT of crap. A LOT! 
  • missed 3 workouts - 1 cardio video, 1 weight video, 1 swim workout
  • Cut my long run in half yesterday
  • Stayed up way too late most days  minly because on my days off I had to nap and nap ad nap so I couldnt sleep.
So we are starting a new week. My workout schedule is done. I will be adding a short run to todays workout and a swim workout at some point to make up for missing last weeks. Im focusing on getting my workouts done, get enough sleep and focus on clean eating one day at a time. Would love love love to see 169.9 next sunday!

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