Sunday, January 20, 2013

yaaaa me!

Very proud of myself right now.

 I wanted chocolate or baked goods .. badly!

I did really well in the eating department today. Breakfast was a chicken sausage and two eggs. Snack was a handful of whole walnuts. Lunch was a protein shake. Dinner was baked chicken, cauliflower "rice" with tons of veggies and a mushroom onion sauce. I got my video workout in today. So first I told myself I "deserved" a snack.

Then I reminded myself that I dont reward myself with food! Then I went onto to see where I stood calorie wise and journaled all of my food. I had about 200 calories left for the day.

Then I started thinking of everything I wanted. I thought about a caramel sundae from McD's so I went on their website... ummm 360 calories. No way. Then I decided I had to run to target and maybe I would get stuff to make cookies. Talked myself out of that since I knew I would eat WAY too many. Then I thought about a candy bar on the way out - looked at 4 or 5 different options and realized it wasnt worth it and wouldnt satisfy me. Then I thought maybe I will stop at panera on my way home and say screw it and get my favorite scone... CRAZY amount of calories. I then had to talk myself down off the ledge.

Instead I got NADA. I came home and made myself a snack - low fat plain greek yogurt mixed with powdered peanut butter, a swirl of choc sauce and 1/2 a diced banana.. mixed together and put in the freeer until set... my own little healthier version of a sundae.

Yaaa me!

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