Sunday, January 13, 2013

tough mudder training - week 1

Yes I have been working out a lot more lately and have been "training" but today marks the beginning of my actual training time for Tough Mudder Virginia Beach this summer. Starting this week I will be incorporating 1 workout each week geared just to the tough mudder.

Today was training for week 1.

I met with Laura at 8am about an hour from my house at a park near her house. We started off with a quick warm up run. That was followed by 3 x 10 box jumps, attempting monkey bars/pull ups/knee to elbow (Im really really bad at this), push ups, planks, walking push ups, climbing, more 3 x 10 box jumps and then 3 suicides. It was a filled 60 min workout. And not sure if it was just the workout or the workout plus the 2 hour there and back commute but OMG I was EXHAUSTED when I got home and quickly went down for a nap! My butt is screaming at me - it feels like they are clinched ALL the time when it isnt. Must be the box jumps.

Other exciting news - I have officially decided to run the Columbia Iron girl half marathon - its the day before we fly out to Texas at 6am! I am sure I will have a few choice curse words for myself that morning! But having something to get towards makes running so much more fun!

Now to search the web for great ideas for training for tough mudder ... any suggestions?


  1. okay...what's a suicide? Box jumps I get...Your workout sounds fantastic! I keep hearing about these tough mudder things. I was even invited to run one. hmmm....sounds fascinating. Maybe.

    1. suicides are those things you did back in school where you are in a gym (we used a tennis court) that has lines. You run all out to the first line, touch it and run back then to the next further line touch it and back ect. They are killer.

      ANd OMG OMG OMG I am so so so sore today. My sides, shoulders and back are not happy with me.


    ^^^ Heather is her name and she's a certified health fitness specialist who does these sort of races all the time. She just recently did a post about how to train for a mud run!

    1. what an awesome resource! Thank you so much!!!