Tuesday, February 19, 2013

feel like a giant dork

I feel like a giant huge ginormous dork. 

Tomorrow I'm meeting up with someone that has been a huge inspiration for me - Ive read her blog for what seems like forever and she is local and somehow it worked to meet up for a run. So the dork portion - its stupid, really is... obviously I don't "know" this person. But Ive read her blog for years and it feels like I know her. It always freaks me out when someone who isn't a close friend but is a fb friend mentions something casually that I posted on FB when I run into them and I always think did I tell them about that - oh yea fb. Well it will be a giant amount of those moments... I hope she doesn't think I'm a weirdo stalker :) And I hope I don't suck... lets hope for a good running day! 

On a bummer side - we were hoping for a trail run but its been raining all day and its muddy and gross. I was looking forward to my second official trail run. 

And speaking of trail runs - some how I talked my husband into signing up for a 10k trail race in August. Huge deal! He has turned down every single race Ive suggested. Super excited! He even promised to hit some trails with me for some practice runs from now until then :) I'm even thinking date weekend surrounding it with a stay at a bed in breakfast and dinner with my love :) Very happy! 

My race calendar is getting longer and longer by the minute. Here is my current scheduled races...
March 30th bunny 5k
April 14th 5k by the bay
April 28th Columbia half marathon
May 18th Warrior Dash
June 1st Tough Mudder - VA beach!
June 23rd Baltimore womens classic 5k  (maybe)
Aug17th River Valley 10k trail run
Sept 15th Philadelphia Rock and roll 1/2
Oct - cant decide between WV tough mudder and the Baltimore marathon

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