Sunday, February 17, 2013

a note to self and plan for the week

Yesterday I updated my weigh in's and got a reality check. I was so happy to be in the 160s... I forgot Ive been there quite a few times. I have been within 5 lbs of where I am right now since March 2012! I need to stay focused. I need to keep doing what Im doing. I know what to do... so do it!

So plans for this week

Sunday - push 1 video, abs video, swim 30 min
Monday (work) - early morning spin class, 10 pushups x3
Tuesday - push 2 video, trail run, 15 pushups x 3
Wednesday - spin class or swim, abs video, 10 pushups x3
Thursday - push 3 video, 5 mile run, 15 pushups x3
Friday (work) - REST
Saturday (work) - early run, abs video, 10 pushups x3

Sunday - baked chicken fajitas over cauliflower "rice"
Monday - left overs
Tues - some sort of seafood dish
Wed - whole chicken, roasted veggies
Thur - breakfast for dinner
Fri- left overs
Sat - left overs

1 comment:

  1. I think we all get to that place where we can talk ourselves into both good & bad decisions! You've got this so keep at it and love the goals!!