Tuesday, February 26, 2013

wow 6 days...

Wow I havent posted in 6 days.

I have had a bad few days.

I have had a good few days.

Thursday was ROUGH for me - had a lot of family issues and mama drama. A LOT. And of course I turned  to food. And binged. BIG TIME... crazy big binge. Then I tried to get back on track for my three days at work but I didnt track and I slipped here and there. Not horrible, but not good either. And I skipped my workouts all three days. So that was 4 days with no workout - thats a huge stretch of being lazy.

Monday I took it back - I went to the gym with the plan to run a few miles while the baby was in the daycare. Instead I noticed that there was a tabata class and jumped at the chance. HOLY MOLY. Hard hard hard. And today Im crazy sore. But that didnt stop me for getting out for a 4 mile run this morning :)

Today Im tracking again. Im prepping some food - there is chicken - fajita style in the oven and made some garlicy tomatoes that rock. (And make me have crazy stinky breath)

I had lots of other things planned for my few days off including getting the house straightened up but who knows if that is going to happen - came home from my run to a sick baby girl :( Her first fever. My poor baby.

I was listening to Jillian Micheals podcast today - its about keeping yourself motivated. You need measureable goals - with a plan on how. Mine are coming...

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